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Enjoy with us three wonderful days dedicated to the handpan culture…Sharing, listening, learning, laughing, chilling in the heart of wonderful Zurich Oberland in the area of the Kulturfabrik Wetzikon. More info about the location: 

The Swiss Handpan Festival is an international weekend music festival where handpan enthusiasts from all over the world meet to listen to music, make music, learn from each other and share and spread their enthusiasm for handpan culture.
SHF embodies a calling of musicians from all over the world who share the same spirit of expression, through this special instrument called handpan. A coming together of sound explorers who wish to share their love and create beautiful auditory landscapes that bypass the rational mind and go straight to the heart.

Dear festival guests
We would like to give you important information about the arrival to the parking & camping, the opening of the doors at the festival and about the workshops.
Please check also our social media event sites for information.

The festival opens its doors on Friday, 30 June arund noon, Saturday and Sunday you can come in as needed.
The concerts of the international artists will take place ONLY on Friday and Saturday in the concert hall, the performances will start in the evening around 5 pm, the exact time table is not yet fixed. line-up
DOOR OPENING of the concert hall is always one hour before the concert starts.
During the whole festival and especially on Sunday there will be great performances by Swiss artists and open mic sessions on the “Swiss talents side floor”.

On friday and saturday after the concerts our resident DJ will rock the hall for all dance lovers as long as everyone still likes to dance.

NEW in 2023:
This year there will be an OPEN MIC & SWISS TALENTS SIDE FLOOR, where mainly Swiss, but also other musicians will present themselves throughout the festival. Of course, guest musicians can also feel free to perform if there are free performance slots.

Only on Saturday and Sunday there will be workshops offered by some of the artists.
The w
orkshops can only be booked directly at the event, everyone can sign up for them on a special board in the entrance area/foyer from Friday onwards.

Among all the above mentioned, we get to witness beautiful spontaneous jams between a wide variety of instruments and souls who wish to connect on the spot and explore what is there!

This year we will have a small market with various exhibitors offering instruments, clothes and other things at the festival.

And at some point even the most beautiful thing comes to an END…
The festival will officially end the evening of 2th of July.
After the festival has officially finished, you can of course still stay on the venue and jam along.

The venue is very close to the residential. 
We therefore kindly ask you to only play music until 11 pm outside the Kulturfabrik area, for example at the camping site or by the lake on the peninsula by the lake/forest, because our neighbours really only live 50 meters away and are unfortunately sensitive and quick to protest. In front of the factory building at the fireplace, in the courtyard and in the inner rooms it is unproblematic until late at night.

Especially louder instruments like drums, didgs, or flutes would be too loud and we want to prevent that we annoy our neighbors and the festival can also take place next year without prejudices.

Delicious food and drinks are available during the festival from 10am to 10am at the Kulti restaurant at a very reasonable price.

Within a 5 minutes walking distance there are also a few shopping possibilities, a burger store  and a grocery store “Spar”. You can of course also order food online if you want:

You can see the route in the description, for those arriving by public transport the bus stop is Medikon/Kulti.
For the protection of the environment, we kindly ask our local guests to come to the festival by public transport.

If you are travelling by car, we recommend that you use the navigation system. 

Kulturfabrik Wetzikon, Zürichstrasse 40, 8620 Wetzikon.

Zurich Airport – S-Bahn to Wetzikon – Bus stop (Medikon-Kulti).

On arrival, please follow the instructions of the guides regarding parking and camping.
On Fridays from 5.00 p.m. you can park in the BMW garage area next / vis a vis to the Kulturfabrik, IMPORTANT! Please drive up to the barrier and park there at the back on the right, pay attention to the signs and follow the instructions of the guides.
Location parking at the festival: 
As mentioned below we only consider those who have reserved a place for camping when buying tickets, it is not possible to camp spontaneously directly at the event.
Location camping at the festival:

We can offer you limited camping spaces next to the venue, tents and smaller campers are allowed (in very wet weather only tents).
Further overnight possibilities are listed below.
It is really important! to inform us at the time of ticket purchase, how many people you are and how many tents you have, so that we can keep the overview. Spontaneous requests directly at the festival will only be considered if there are still places available, which we cannot guarantee.

Water taps and toilets at 200m from the camping area, no shower facilities, if you have your own camping showers, please take them with you …however the camping area is next to a small forest and a brook! and you are allowed to swim, highly recommended BATHING SHOES to protect your feet!
Otherwise, there is a public swimming pool 1.5 km from the event location with an entrance fee of CHF 5 where you can swim, refresh yourself and also take a shower. Directly accessible by bus
Location public swimming pool:
Another option is the beautiful lakeside resort of Auslikon on Lake Pfäffikon, which is 2 km from the venue. 

If you want to camp, we recommend that you make sure you get your ticket and the tent area that goes with it, as soon as possible.
These are other accommodation alternatives, it’s really worth to book early!

Hostel in Wetzikon:…

There is a camping 1.5 km to the Festival:…/228/Campingplatz-Auslikon.html

More campings in a radius of 5 km of the festival and the search page for the whole Zürich region

And here some Hotels near the Festival:   

And of course there are a few airBnB in the area that you can book.
Don’t wait to long for booking your stay..first come first serve!

Looking forward to see you @ SHF 2023!
Valerio & Andy